New Years Eve Fireworks

Fireworks are a source of great fear for many animals and are disruptive to wildlife as well as domestic animals. I’m not sure why The Calgary Zoo is promoting the use of fireworks. While The Calgary Zoo may be doing something to protect the animals in your care, it is irresponsible in terms of the community and the wildlife and domestic animal population in your area.

Fireworks are fun, I get that but I have seen animals horrified by them to the point of panic. It installs terror in many animals. I have been amazed over the last few years at how irresponsible The Calgary Zoo has been in regard to overall animal health and welfare, welfare being the bigger picture and a global view of the well being of animals generally. It seems The Calgary Zoo is more of an amusement park now with animals being an attraction rather than a source of affection, love and care.

Fireworks are not an animal compassionate choice to human celebrations.

Jennifer MacDonald