[Day 119] Before we left the RV park in Ajo, we gave Obi an overdue bath in the ample water supply. With the temperature already beginning to soar, he actually seemed to enjoy the cooling soak. His favourite part was ‘snuffling’ in his towels afterwards … if he could have giggled, he would have!

After picking up a few groceries, we lingered in the downtown plaza area, taking our time to listen to the birds and walk through the newly-opened shops. The church bells pealed a tune which neither of us recognized and I greeted a couple of ambling seniors who were doing their daily slow laps around the park. Would my dad’s health have been better if he could have walked throughout the winter?
By mid-day, we broke out of the town’s sleepy spell and headed south. When we pulled into Organ Pipe NP, just 7 miles north of…

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