To Whom It May Concern and
Message for Mike Areshenko regarding City Search Rental Network

Hi there, I want to state plainly that I don’t think the proper attention was given to my situation with City Search Rental Network by Service Alberta. A ten to fifteen minute phone call just didn’t give me any ability to communicate the full extend of what has happened to us at the hands of City Search Rental Network.

City Search Rental Network is a company that is well versed in your policies and rules regarding business between landlords and tenants and they have devised many strategies to use those same policies to manipulate their clients and set them up to acquire more fees and penalties. They understand little details within your system and willfully deceive us so as to cloud the rules. I have been lied to, manipulated, insulted and bullied into signing things based on threats that consequences would be dire for me if I did not sign said documents. I have been given no avenue by your agency to discuss these details and you dismissed my pleas for protection based on a short phone call.
Despite the phone call and the approximately ten minutes of discussion with Mike Areshenko I am still left subject to the abuses of City Search Rental Network and no one from your agency has actually looked into the details of what is going on. I have explained to you that I have emails that should be looked at as they show that City Search used threats to get us to sign an agreement that clearly leaves us vulnerable. I have a long list of communications that shows the that City Search neglected to communicate to us is a timely manner regarding our situation that further jeopardized our well being.

Mike Arenshenko made statements about karma and the idea that people get what they deserve so that if more people are reporting on City Search Rental Network then they will be called on it but that my case isn’t valid because of some details communicated over the phone. The problem is that I am in a state of deep distress and I can’t even be sure that I have communicated enough of the details in a phone conversation to ascertain that the merciless qualities of City Search’s business tactics is within their legal rights. If your agency would pay the proper attention to this matter and at least investigate the email communications I have had with City Search Rental Network over the last month then I could better accept whatever conclusions were made. Also I might add that issues of ‘karma’ are not a valid point and are somewhat insulting in our current situation.

Mike, I again have to remind you that I do not enjoy fighting with people. As I said over the phone, this situation is very disturbing to myself and my family. My husband and I (and our cats) are like seals in shark infested waters with City Search Rental Network.

I hold my opinion and make the statement here that I do not think my situation was given a fair assessment and that not enough attention was paid to the details to dismiss my need for further protection from this company. If yours is the government agency that I am being referred to to request government assistance and protection from the poor business practices of City Search Rental Network then I think that your agency has more of a responsibility to get details.
Again, I state that I could not have conveyed the proper amount of valid information over the phone and no motion was made to meet with me or check out the documents and email communications between myself and City Search over the last few weeks.

I am now requesting that more attention be paid to this matter because the situation that we are in goes beyond what is normal in residential tenancy business. This is all a result of unforeseen circumstance in a city that was called into a state of emergency. The chaos that came from these events left myself and my family vulnerable and City Search Rental Network scooped the resources right out of our hands for their profit and bullied us into submission with threats of homelessness.

I do not think this warrants another phone call and I would suggest that we have more substantial communication on this matter preferably in writing through emails.

Thank you for further attention on this matter.