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A great post from another blogger. I for one, really appreciate this article. It’s a quick read with great information.


A City Is Art

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Traveling is amazing. It’s so awesome to be able to appreciate the travel adventures of others when you can’t get out on the road yourself. Here are some photos I appreciate.

What we saw….

My Grandfather passed on the name Crowley.

Bienvenu Crowley.

Ha Ha Ha – Funny 🙂

Vampire Rush Blanket Wrap


Vampire Rush Blanket Wrap Vampire Rush GotAHeadRush.

Small Town Sightseeing & Camping

The town of Milk River

Perfectly situated just north of the Sweetgrass, US/Coutts, Canada border crossing.

Writing on Stone Provincial Park is a short drive from town.

Writing On Stone

Writing On Stone

Park near Raymond Alberta

The Town of Milk River community has all the services necessary, including accommodations, hospital, pharmacy, restaurants, auto services, groceries, RCMP detachment, camping, and golfing. Whether you are visiting the majestic Writing-On-Stone Park, or engaging in the many outdoor pursuits in the areas such as canoeing, fishing, hunting, viewing wildlife, or searching for dinosaur eggs, they have what you need!

Planning to Canoe on the Milk River, Paddler’s Guide Booklets to the Milk River are available at the Town Office for $10.00.

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park

Other Attractions 

Camping Facilities

Just leave a tip by clicking this link. Money can buy happiness when you’re traveling and you want to stop for a coffee. 🙂

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